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to College Admissions Success

This week’s column:

21 May How to prep, test better

It is not all about the tests, but standardized test results are part of the college admissions decision at most colleges. Many juniors will be taking either the SAT or SAT Subject Tests on June 1 and/or the ACT on June 8. Here are some valuable...

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10 Aug What does “Fit” really mean?

It’s the buzzword you keep hearing. It’s the question you keep asking – “Is this college a good fit?” But what does “fit” really mean? I break the fit concept into three major areas: social, academic and financial. (academic and social fit will be covered next...

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03 Aug Saying Goodbye: The Dinner, The Drive and The Departure

Even the savvy parents who managed to get through the entire college admissions process intact have a difficult time on the day of departure. Emotions are raw for everyone with parents lamenting that their baby’s leaving the nest and freshmen traveling moment to moment between...

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