Assessment & Planning

  Course Planning

  • Review transcript and develop future course planning strategy (AP, IB, Honors, etc.)
  • Share knowledge of college-specific course requirements for admission
  • Share comprehensive stable of academic subject tutors, as needed

    Testing Strategy

  • Review the differences between the ACT & SAT and the SAT Subject Tests
  • Determine which test presents the best opportunity for the highest score(s), (Diagnostic tool)
  • Offer test preparation recommendations
  • Provide SAT Essay training session


  • Evaluate student’s academic and extracurricular activities, talents, achievements and provide suggestions to fill gaps and capitalize on interests
  • Analyze and review the following tools:
    • “My Next Move” – Career Interest Assessment
    • “College Personality Quiz”
    • “College Choice Priorities” Chart
    • Self-Assessment
    • College Major Assessment


  • Access to software program that:
    • Creates Milestones (assignments) that keep students on track with automatic and keeps the process moving discouraging procrastination
    • Tracks college list creation and refinement, campus visits, college research and statistics
    • Empowers students to take control of the process and
    • Removes parents from the nagging task-master role and improves parent/child relationships
  • Monthly “College Admissions Strategies – Roadmap to College Admissions” newsletter
  • Weekly email blasts with articles, updates, volunteer and community service opportunities, testing reminders, etc.
  • Month by month timelines for each grade level
  • Offer a customized approach with meetings scheduled, only as needed. No “cookie-cutter” program – all time is focused on your student’s specific needs
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by providing a personalized timeline, dispelling misconceptions and providing actionable tasks that are more manageable