What I Do/ What I Don’t Do

Here’s what I do:

  • Show students how to maximize their credentials
  • Encourage and empower students
  • Provide a strategic understanding of the college admissions process
  • Promote a collaborative process among ourselves, students and their parents
  • Help students manage the application process
  • Provide students with a competitive edge
  • Ask the right questions and we listen to students and their parents
  • Help families plan pragmatically
  • Preserve the parent-child relationship during a critical transitional time
  • Help make the college search process less stressful
  • Tailor my services to individual students and their families
  • Retain perspective
  • Give help and guidance without imposing biases
  • Assist students in learning how to make an important life decision
  • Provide an outsider’s objective view on your family’s college investment
  • Help you make informed decisions

Here’s what I don’t do

  •  provide “cookie cutter” services
  •  force families to purchase unneeded services
  •  guarantee admission
  •  write essays
  • “over-package” students
  • I am not consumed with rankings or prestige of colleges and universities