Frequently Asked Question

Why does my child need to work with someone other than his or her guidance counselor?
Many of today’s high school guidance counselors have large student caseloads and cannot dedicate much in the way of individual time to students. In addition to handling your child’s college advice, they are also responsible, on a daily basis, for test administration, student discipline, family issues, course selection and more! Many guidance counselors and school administrators are pleased when parents collaborate with outside advisors because they know their students’ needs will be met.


Can I, as a parent, stay involved in the process?
College Admissions Strategies typically meets with one or both parents and the student for the first session. While we recommend following-up directly with student thereafter, College Admissions Strategies is happy to keep parents in the loop through email or telephone meetings. Since no one knows your child better than you do, we appreciate and often solicit your input throughout the process

Is College Admissions Strategies a SAT preparation company?
Actually, College Admissions Strategies covers all aspects of the admissions process. We offer  SAT preparation as an A la Carte Service (at an hourly rate) but our real focus is to help families navigate through the entire admissions process – including college identification and selection, application strategy, essay writing, presentation, interviewing and organization.

How will my child find the time?
Since today’s students are busier than ever with time-consuming extracurricular activities and both meaty and mundane homework, organization and accountability is exactly what’s needed. We create tight schedules for your child. By working with College Admissions Strategies, your family will end up saving time on the admissions process, rather than wasting it.