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This week’s column:

16 Jan So you think your kid is a superstar…

What parent or child doesn’t dream of that photograph on “Signing Day” when that big athletic scholarship for their child is real. After all those practices and games in the freezing cold and the blaring heat, after all that carpooling, the snack assignments and the...

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09 Jan Freshman Survival Secrets – Part 2

Ben Knoble, a 2016 graduate of Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte and a first-year student at UNC Chapel Hill shared his wisdom about what was a very successful first semester; both academically and socially. Last week Ben’s responses focused more on the academic transition from...

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21 Dec Benefits of large schools

To the casual observer, news from large colleges and universities is often more focused on athletic championships and unfortunate scandals. Big schools are frequently labeled negatively as institutions that are obsessed with sports and partying and/or factories that are pumping out more graduates each year,...

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16 Nov Walking the Thanksgiving tightrope

College students are homeward-bound. For many freshmen it will be their first visit back since packing up last August. Thanksgiving, the uber-American family togetherness holiday, can be equally tough for parents and their college students. Parents often feel that they’re traveling on a tightrope of unpredictable...

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