What our clients are saying.

“I started working with Lee in September of my senior year. Before meeting with Lee, I had no idea where I wanted to go to, which colleges offered my major, the selectivity to be accepted at each college and I certainly was overwhelmed with the whole application process. Lee made the college process so much less stressful. I realized that there was more to getting into college than just filling out the application. Lee really helped me market my strengths. She helped me put together an application that showed that there was more to me than just my SAT scores and my GPA. Lee helped me with all aspects of getting into college, from editing my essays to researching the colleges that suited me the best. Lee understood that we were in a time crunch and really helped me utilize my time. With Lee’s good time management skills and expansive knowledge on the application process, I got into my dream college!! I cannot thank Lee enough for her dedication, commitment and time! I could not have done it without her!”
“I would tell others that you are very easy to converse with and that our brainstorming sessions were always successful because you helped me find interesting topics to write about. I would also mention the wealth of resources in the templates and worksheets you have, especially the CFWs, brag sheet, and LOR procedure. I would have been lost without them.”
“Hi Lee, thank you so much for your help this year. You truly eased my college application process and bettered my writing. Go Blue Devils!” 2014 grad
“I particularly liked your grasp of “facts” about the sometimes intimidating application process. Also, I believe that your fees are reasonable. I don’t really have any negatives. You have been helpful and flexible. And also very importantly, you spent the time necessary with our son to achieve objectives.”
“Hi Lee, thank you so much for everything you did to help me find where I belong. You made the process so much easier.” 2014 grad
“My time spent with you was very very helpful. I liked pro and con check lists I did for each college I was interested in. Also, it was very helpful to have someone there each step of the way to check in with and proof read what I had written.”