What our clients are saying.

“I felt you had great insight into the application process itself and the essays… I think they have to go into the relationship knowing they will still be doing their work… This is a support and guidance position and it kept me on the railroad tracks but it was up to me to read, ask questions, and figure things out. I think you are very knowledgeable about the overall process and very professional.”
“ACCEPTED TO UNC CHAPEL HILL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making my dreams come true :)”
In addition the brag sheet, the essay brainstorming and editing were very valuable. The best part of working with you was the feeling of confidence that I got from you that you did in fact know your stuff! You also were supportive of my daughter and made the whole process less intimidating.”
As this was my first child going to college, I needed help organizing the approach. Your materials helped us figure out which types of colleges were a good fit, how to evaluation them and how to approach them. You gave us a time frame within which to work and helped set goals. In addition, you helped my son appreciate that the application process was something he needed to take seriously. Because you provided external structure, it helped him to finish the multiple essays and other pieces of paperwork in a timely fashion.
Please use us as a reference. You were thorough, on-target, helpful, and essential. Great value for the services you provided from SAT/ACT fit, tutor recommendations, direction on classes, college identification, brainstorming, essay writing, application help. You name it, you were fantastic! I think you also were able to get out of _______ info that we wouldn’t have – he thought more about his future, etc., when you asked than when we did – very valuable.
Thank you for all you’ve done for both boys all these years. Your knowledge and experience provided a wonderful reassurance to me that they would stay on track to get where they belong. We’ll be in touch and let you know where ______ lands!