What our clients are saying.

Please use us as a reference. You were thorough, on-target, helpful, and essential. Great value for the services you provided from SAT/ACT fit, tutor recommendations, direction on classes, college identification, brainstorming, essay writing, application help. You name it, you were fantastic! I think you also were able to get out of _______ info that we wouldn’t have – he thought more about his future, etc., when you asked than when we did – very valuable.
Thank you for all you’ve done for both boys all these years. Your knowledge and experience provided a wonderful reassurance to me that they would stay on track to get where they belong. We’ll be in touch and let you know where ______ lands!
I think, simply put, the insight you provided was most helpful. You let me know what colleges were looking for, and you helped to shape me as the candidate that colleges were looking for.
I think that when it came to filling out information in CA you were very helpful because I always would know exactly what the college was looking for. Any doubt, uncertainty, or ambiguity was always answered when calling you—which was a nice resource to have. I also like your systematic way of analyzing colleges and looking at it empirically.
Thanks for everything. _______ got into every school he applied to except Vanderbilt. He got into Honors programs at University of Southern California (USC), Tulane, and Chapel Hill (maybe Villanova, too, I can’t remember). And he received two offers of merit scholarships—at Tulane and USC. We couldn’t be prouder of our boy and we are SO grateful to you for your wise guidance.
You have a system in place already, and it works extremely well, so it took a lot of stress out of the process for us to follow your procedures. Because you had this system in place, our son (and our family) could more easily focus on the most important things, like writing the essay or picking colleges, and less on how to get everything accomplished. That said, the system was very flexible in accommodating the students’ schedule or needs at particular times. Deadlines were important, but they could be changed. I also really appreciated the fact that you listened to both my boys. You let them know your thoughts on certain subjects and you listened to theirs as well. Even when they maybe weren’t making the best choices, you listened to them and spoke to them as (almost) adults. I think that attitude toward them helped them feel respected and like they were an important part of the process.