What our clients are saying.

You helped most with the actual application process- helping us to break down how to get the many applications done, your essay brainstorming and sessions were amazing, your guidance on recommendations, your review of the essays- that was critical for us. Also, you helped us once we identified “what schools” – which were safeties, targets and reaches which really helped us navigate and prioritize.
You are accessible, knowledgeable, and on target. Great advice and guidance. Particularly good with essay writing help, application strategy and follow up, and application review. I think the best way to put it for us is that we “couldn’t have done it as well without you”. Especially in understanding how everything works, essays, application details, etc. That you know your stuff, are very helpful and knowledgeable, provide excellent guidance in many areas, have great resources (like SAT/ACT diagnostic), and are easy to work with.
We are most grateful for all of your support and guidance with __________, She is so excited – even for her! We are continuing to sing your praises to others!
We have already recommended you to several families because of our positive experience working with you. You were always very helpful and supportive.
Thank you so much for all your help. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________ got accepted in Caltech. We all are very excited with the result as this was first EA decision. You have been an amazing support throughout this entire college application process. We sincerely appreciate your time and efforts.
Lee – you are awesome!! You have made the process so manageable and less stressful. Another acceptance for _____________ with a scholarship of at least $39,000. Very exciting: 2 for 2. Thanks again for all your help. It’s really paying off 😄