What our clients are saying.

“I would highly recommend you. You keep everyone moving forward with the process even when it’s easy to slow down. You did great using the time we paid for to be most productive.”
“The most helpful advice that you provided was how to write a good college essay. Previously, I had no idea how to write an essay and didn’t really know what colleges were looking for. My experience was that I found working with you to be extremely helpful and it made more confident that my essays were the best they could be for colleges.”
“I really didn’t have a clue how to go about checking out schools other than a campus visit until I started meeting with you.”
“I would recommend your services because your knowledge and ability to get students to focus and build a good resume is invaluable. It was worth the money.”
“You are a great listener, you are open to exploring many possibilities for the students you work with, you are flexible and take the stress out of the experience. I really liked that you were very productive with regard to our meetings; you kept us on task! I appreciate the knowledge you have of various colleges and universities, and I think that really helped us to broaden our search. The best part of working with you was your overall expertise with the process. Your services were invaluable to us with regard to the college admissions process. I felt your "product” was well worth the investment."
“I would say to someone else that they would more likely than not do more work than they would if they just took advice from someone in the college guidance office at their school, but if they worked with you they would have a much better sense of what they really wanted from college, and would make a more informed decision. In addition I would tell them that they would get help on a very personal level with their essays.”