What our clients are saying.

“Thank you so much for all your help throughout the college search and application process. I truly believe that Ithaca is the perfect fit, and I could not have gotten there without you.” 2014 grad
“It might seem expensive at first but it is worth every penny. Thanks Lee!”
“Working with Kelly made me realize there were so many more college options out there to explore for my son. She got to know him and what worked best for him which ended up getting him some fantastic options to consider. He is on his way to college this fall and we are thrilled with how easy she made the experience for us!”
“Thank you for all your help along this journey. You made such an impact on my decision and helped me very much along the way.” 2014 grad
“I would highly recommend you. You keep everyone moving forward with the process even when it’s easy to slow down. You did great using the time we paid for to be most productive.”
“The most helpful advice that you provided was how to write a good college essay. Previously, I had no idea how to write an essay and didn’t really know what colleges were looking for. My experience was that I found working with you to be extremely helpful and it made more confident that my essays were the best they could be for colleges.”