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This week’s column:

21 Jun Must-have items to pack when leaving for college

From plates to photos, students need lots of items to feel at home Packing for college has become big business. Home furnishings and department stores have handy college packing lists, and some even partner with colleges to create display dorm rooms stocked with their merchandise and...

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06 Jun How colleges evaluate applicants

How do colleges make their admissions decisions? What goes on beyond those closed collegiate doors? While there's a lot we don't know, for the most part, the admissions process is rational. Decisions are based on two basic sets of student qualifications: objective and subjective criteria. Objective...

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23 May Social Media – think before you post

Countdown to College: By Lee Shulman Bierer Stories abound of students and even teachers sharing inappropriate items on social media. You would think students who are about to apply to colleges and be evaluated by admissions officers would know better. The truth is that obviously the vast...

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16 May How parents can help handling rejection

by Lee Shulman Bierer   Parents just want to help. The natural reaction when you see your child suffering is to try and make it better. How do you help ease the pain of college rejection? The first step is to accept that it’s complicated. It’s complicated by your...

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10 May Consider saying “No”

Consider saying “no.” Being offered a spot on a college’s wait-list is stressful,  unsettling, demoralizing and for some, just not worth the wait. One student who said “no thanks” to Harvard’s wait-list described it this way, “I didn’t like being wait-listed. It felt like a consolation...

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01 May Everything you ever wanted to know about SAT Subject Tests

Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about SAT Subject Tests: SAT Subject Tests provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of a specific subject and they help colleges understand different strengths a student might possess. The tests are used in the admissions process...

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