My Approach

I work individually with students through each step of the college admissions process, ensuring every application tells your story and maximizes your chances for acceptance.

I provide: 

  • individualized support for all clients
  • an interest and college experience assessment to choose the right college for you
  • essay-writing strategy and assistance
  • time management tools and timelines
  • monitoring of application progress
  • recommendations as to how to differentiate yourself with extracurricular activities
  • a “sounding board” for concerns and questions about the college application process

I  help students to:

  • create a personalized list of colleges – from “dream schools” to “safeties” – that are the right fit for your needs, interests and qualifications.
  • set a manageable schedule ensuring you save time and meet application deadlines
  • present yourself in a way that highlights your strengths, making your application memorable and maximizing your odds of being accepted by your top choice schools
  • write powerful essays and personal statements emphasizing your unique personality, while avoiding topics that are red flags to admissions readers
  • understand the strategic importance involved in requesting Letters of Recommendation

Application Strategy – This component is what differentiates College Admissions Strategies. We work with each student to find creative ways to help set you apart from the sea of applicants. There is more that can be done to supplement the transcript, extra-curriculars and well written essays to improve your chances at getting into the school of your choice. We customize a strategy based upon the student and the schools they want to attend.

Organization – Together we will develop a time-line you can follow – one that is flexible enough to accommodate your progress.

Essays – You will learn how to articulate your strengths and emphasize your unique personality and experiences.

Recommendations – We help you figure out who to ask, how to ask and what to ask for in a college recommendation. Letters of Recommendation can be a big “Tipping Factor”.

Continuous Support – You will receive on-going personalized support and consultation over the telephone and via email, even after your acceptances arrive in the mail, collaborating with you to make the best college decision for you.