I realized that I never actually thanked you for everything you’ve done to help me succeed. The college application process is very overwhelming and I would have never been able to complete it all on time without your organization and dedication. You gave me the opportunity to explore colleges and opportunities that I would have never found on my own. Not only that, but you also taught me the importance of meeting deadlines, completing quality work, and caring about my overall education. These habits will without a doubt follow me throughout college and hopefully throughout my life. Thank you for showing me what it takes to unlock my potential and reach whatever goal I set for myself. Before I began working with you, I only completed the minimum work required to get by. I didn’t not care about my education at all, and had no desire to pursue knowledge. After completing this process, I’ve realized the importance of these things, along with hard work, and the effects have been very visible. My grades and attitude have changed tremendously. I am very grateful that you showed me what it takes to be an all-around better student. Thank you very much for your help, strict requirements and deadlines, and leniency with me as we ventured through the college admissions process.