Update on how the Coronavirus is impacting college campuses

By Lee Shulman Bierer, College Admissions Strategies

It does seem to get scarier every day. More cases, more deaths and the biggest danger, continued community spread. This has prompted the government, hospitals, companies, organizations as well as colleges across the US to create contingency plans and keep their own audiences informed about what they’re doing.

In the cases of colleges and universities, many institutions are cancelling live classes and taking instruction online, asking students to stay put in their dorm rooms. Some schools including Berea College in Kentucky have sent their students home for the remainder of the semester.

In addition to thinking about their current students, colleges and specifically their admissions offices, need to be thinking about their prospective students – high school students. Many of these seniors who have already been accepted, were excited to visit over Admitted Student Weekends to help them make a final decision. Equally important are the juniors who are finalizing their college lists and are planning spring break trips to visit multiple schools. Nothing will be “same old, same old” this spring, there is a new normal due to the concerns over the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Programming Changes at Colleges and Universities
In response to coronavirus concerns, many colleges and universities across the US have announced cancellations or modifications to regular admissions events. Every school will determine its own protocol and so it’s important to check with each school you’re considering visiting to learn how you’re likely to be impacted by closures and cancellations.
Two industry powerhouses: College Kickstart (www.collegekickstart.com) and IvyWise (www.ivywise.com) have researched and compiled lists that will help you determine your future plans. Please make certain to check each college’s website for updated details:

College Kickstart LLC

Institution Campus Visit Status (as of 3/10/20)
American University Available except for campus tours between 3/18-4/6
Amherst College Canceled until at least 5/1
Barnard College Canceled until end of March
Bates College Available
Boston College Available; visitors arriving from CDC Level 2 and 3 countries must self-quarantine for at least 14 days prior to arrival
Boston University Available
Bowdoin College Available
Brandeis University Available
Brown University Canceled effective 3/11 and at least until mid-April
Bryn Mawr College Available
Bucknell University Available
Caltech As of 3/6, all on-campus visit programs canceled
Carleton College Available
Carnegie Mellon University Available; visitors to countries under a Level 3 CDC travel warning within the last 14 days must self-isolate before arriving on campus
Case Western Reserve University Available
Claremont McKenna College No overnight stays, campus tours and info sessions suspended from 3/16-4/17
Colby College Available
Colgate University Available
College of William & Mary Available
Colorado College Available
Columbia University Canceled until further notice
Connecticut College Available with exception of individuals returning from countries designated as CDC Warning Level 3
Cornell University Canceled until 4/15
Dartmouth College Canceled through 4/18
Davidson College Available
Duke University As of 3/3 registration capped for all information sessions and campus tours through May
Emory Universtiy Available; visitors from a CDC Level 3 country in the past 14 days may not attend
Franklin & Marshall College Available
George Washington University Available
Georgetown University Available
Georgia Institute of Technology Available
Grinnell College Canceled through May
Hamilton College Available
Harvard University Effective 3/10, all public and private tours canceled until further notice
Harvey Mudd College Canceled for remainder of semester
Haverford College Available
Johns Hopkins University Available
Kenyon College Canceled through 4/4
Lafayette College Available; visitors how have traveled to a CDC Level 3 country should reschedule
Lehigh University Available; visitors who have been to any country the CDC has identified as Alert Level 2 (e.g. Japan) or Warning Level 3 (e.g. China, Iran, Italy, South Korea) must be symptom-free for at least 14 days before visiting campus
Macalester College Available
Middlebury College Canceled until further notice
MIT Canceled through 5/15
Mount Holyoke College Available but “limited”
NYU Canceled 3/11 through 5/1
Northeastern University Available; visitors from CDC Level 3 country must self-quarantine away from campus for 14 days prior to visit
Northwestern University Canceled through 5/1
Oberlin College Available
Occidental College Available
Pitzer College Available
Pomona College Beginning 3/10, all canceled until 4/30 with exception of info sessions scheduled 3/10-13
Princeton University Canceled
Rice University Canceled until 4/30
Santa Clara University Available
Scripps College Effective 3/11, all visits canceled indefinitely
Smith College Currently available but under review; visitors who have traveled to CDC Alert Level 3 countries not permitted on campus unless sympton-free for at least 14 days
Stanford University Canceled at least through 4/15
Swarthmore College Available
Trinity College Available except for visitors who have been in a CDC Warning Level 3 area within the past 14 days or who have been in a U.S. location in the past 14 days where a state of emergency or public health emergency has been declared
Tufts University Available
Tulane University Available
UC Berkeley Campus tours available, admission presentations appear highly limited through 4/16
UCLA Available
University of Michigan Available
University of Notre Dame Available
University of Pennsylvania Effective 3/16, all campus visit programming canceled through end of spring semester
University of Richmond Available; visitors who have been in China, Iran, Italy, South Korea or other country on the CDC Level 3 travel advisory list to schedule a visit date at least 14 days after leaving that country
University of Southern California Available
UT Austin Available
Vanderbilt University Canceled through 5/10
Vassar College Available
Villanova University Available but residence hall room shows discontinued
Washington University in St. Louis Available for all except visitors from locations with elevated risk (Mainland China, Iran, Italy, South Korea)
Wellesley College Available; visitors from CDC Level 3 country must self-quarantine away from campus for 14 days prior to visit
Wesleyan University Campus tours and information sessions not available for visitors from declared emergency areas (currently CA, FL, KY, MD, NY, OR, UT, WA and outside the US)
Williams College Canceled through 4/30
Yale University Canceled through 4/15

IvyWise has updated their own list (as of Monday March 9th) of some of the admission event cancellations and updates.

Bierer is an independent college adviser based in Charlotte. Send questions to: lee@collegeadmissionsstrategies.comwww.collegeadmissionsstrategies.com